Another culinary masterpiece!

Fish Tacos. Sounds Gross, absolutely fabulous.

Take a fresh piece of tuna, 3/4 lb. or so. Rub both sides with Old Bay. Place on a plate and cover with a small layer of well shaken Italian dressing. Put in fridge while prepping the other stuff.

Preheat a grill to its hottest setting. Clean the grill well or the fish will stick.

Shred some jack and cheddar cheeses.

Acquire some GREEN taco sauce. Remarkably, the house brand at Wal-Mart is quite good.

Sour cream, if desired.

Lettuce or cabbage, finely shredded.

Taco Shells in preheated oven at 375.

Take fish from fridge and move to the grilling area. Oil the grill WELL with olive or vegetable oil and quickly place fish on the grill. Don't worry about fancy grill marks, it'll all be covered up.

Grill fish about 4-5 minutes a side, until fish flakes easily.

The taco shells will be ready at about the same time as the fish.

Cut fish into strips with the grain, and place in taco shells. Cover with cheese, green taco sauce, sour cream, and lettuce.


Other fish that might be good is Mahi-Mahi and Shark, or possibly any white, flaky fish that grills well.


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