File Snatcher

If you have a program that generates and deletes files, sometimes you may want to see what is in those files before the program deletes them. Trying to do this in Explorer can be very frustrating. I was trying to debug a problem one day and needed to peek inside some temp files that a program was rapidly generating and deleting. I whipped up this app to snatch a copy of these files as they are generated.


FileSnatcher.exe (directory to watch) (directory to copy to) (filter [*.*])

Get it here.
To install, just unzip onto your machine somewhere.
Requirements: Microsoft.Net platform. If you have XP sp2, you have it, otherwise, go HERE
The code is here:


  1. I am looking for console tail for windows and find your one on the :)

    I tried to use your Good idea but not good realization.
    First - the 8 MB of memory for such tool - it is abnormal.
    Second - it fails if i give him a wrong file to watch. Little but mistake :)

    Could you provide me with source code. I don't use C# but can try to do it VB.NET or python :)

    All modifications I am ready to send back to you :)

  2. RE: Memory usage. All .Net aps carry a little overhead, but if you use performance monitor to dig into where this memory is going, you'll see that it is actually available to other aps. There's TONS of information on this on the net.

    RE: Code. If you found it on, then you have the full source available to you


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