Apple - MacBook Pro

Working at a startup is a blast. One thing I made everyone promise is to be open minded about the technology I adopt. Once I got buy-in from everyone on this, I bought Apple MacBook Pros. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but the startup I'm at is a DOD (Department of Defense) contractor. These guys have only ever seen a Windows machine. There was resistance, but everyone went along. After unboxing and walking through the setup, everyone is in love with their MacBooks. The next thing I did was create a Google Apps For Your Domain account for our company. Our entire business runs on Google Apps. We DID cave and buy Office for Mac for a few guys, cause they just couldn't live without a few things that they missed in Office, but by and large we are running things off of Google Apps, and I HIGHLY recommend it for people starting up a company with little or no overhead budget.


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