Twilio Chrome Client

© 2015 Nik Martin

Twilio calling right from your Chrome Browser.


  • Flash Free! Uses Web RTC for fast, efficient calling with no buggy Flash apps
  • Twilio Voice calling and SMS
  • Highlight any number on a web page, and it will be copied into the number field in the extension (works on most sites)
  • Send DTMF (Touch) Tones during calls
  • Remembers your last dialed numbers


  1. Install the extension from the Chrome Store
  2. Authorize the extension to use your microphone
  3. Create a TWIML App that points to the Twilio Labs Forward Twimlet:
  4. In the Voice URL: field, paste this:
    Name it anything you want, then copy the SID, and save.
  1. Right Click on extension, open the options menu, and add your Account SID, Auth Token, and the Twiml App SID (you just copied it!)
  2. Give your 'phone' a name. No Spaces.
  3. Set your outbound caller ID to one of your authorized Twilio Numbers
  4. Dial!


The extension's registration will expire every 30 minutes for security purposes. If you see 'fail' in the icon, just left click the icon and click 'Reload' before dialing.

Report any bugs in the extension's support tab in the Chrome Store


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